Our mission is to support clients as they create outstanding softgoods products.

We offer services in 4 key areas: research, design, development and prototyping. We believe the best results come when these services are engaged as a package - informing, feeding and driving the design to the best possible outcome.


The first step in creating a successful new product is to ensure a high level of knowledge about the problem you intend to solve. Who is the product for? How will they use it? Why will they choose it over the competition? What are the routes to manufacture and the potential costs?

Having answers to questions like these gives you the best possible foundation for success when setting out on the product development journey.

Texolab can help to ensure your project is ready for this step, identifying and filling gaps in the specific knowledge required to make your project succeed.

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Texolab offers a full range of creative design services to help transform an idea into something that can be viewed on paper, held in the hand and critiqued by your team. Starting with quick sketches, we advance to 2D illustrations and then onto more detailed 3D computer models and renderings.

We generate a broad range of concepts to spark the discussion around user interaction, ergonomics, production methods, and effective brand communication. This is also a great starting point for specifying materials, trim, colours and textures.

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With an agreed concept in hand, we work to optimise every part of the design. We specify and test the construction techniques. We look at the ease and efficiency of manufacture. We invent new processes, tools and assembly fixtures to achieve your design intentions.

We embrace failure in order to make marginal gains toward a better end product. If we discover a great way to do something, you can guarantee that we learned 20 ways not to do it along the way, failing fast and failing often in pursuit of the best solution.

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The best way to verify the functionality, ergonomics or appearance of a product is often by building a physical model.

For this reason, we have filled our studio with specialist tools and machinery and skills that allow us to engage with the iterative design loop. This means that we can quickly build an idea, test it, review it and decide how to improve it... then it’s straight onto building the next version.

In addition to building one-off models, we are also capable of handling short production runs and liaising with factories for larger volumes.

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